Sharon Lopatka and Robert Frederick Glass

This week artist Lou Rusconi and writer Eric Tolles stumbled upon a squat and squishy seductress who sought out a slow hand to satisfy her most secreted desires!

(read more about Sharon and Robert here)

Alliteration by Eric Tolles
Illustration by Lou Rusconi

All material copyright © 2011


One thought on “Sharon Lopatka and Robert Frederick Glass

  1. This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen on the internet. This woman had severe problems and you’re making fucking star wars allusions and jokes. haha so funny. what must your childhood must have been like You’re not even a cartoonist. You’re a joke Eric. UCK. this makes me sick. You’re worse than both of them. Why don’t you apply for Charlie Hebdo? I think theyre hiring

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